CH Bangkokcats Kimora

D.O.B 24/08/2022

 PK Def – Negative
PRA-b – Negative
COI: 25.02%

HCM screening – Pending

Kimora is a 10G, full sister of Tiffany and Trixie, daughter of our homebred GC, BWI, DW BangkokCats Forbidden Fantasy. The body type she showed just at 3 months was impressive, a very thick tail and her black contrast made us decide to keep her. She has a very nice ear set with very rounded ears. Her heady type and chin are very close to our goals, and we hope she can pass it to the next generation. Kimora has a wild expression that we look forward to have in her kittens.


GC, BWI, NW BangkokCats Forbidden Fantasy


Huanyucat Bella of Bangkokcats