GC BangkokCats Alyssa Edwards

D.O.B 26/04/2023

PK Def – Pending
PRA-b – Negative
COI: 24.02%

HCM screening – Pending

Alyssa (9G) is a brown rosetted female with an extreme wild look, with all the features that make her ressemble the ancestor ALC, very cupped ears well placed, a big leather nose, very big rounded eyes, a strong chin, a straight profile with a rounded top-skull and a very muscular body. The outline of her markings is black and she has countershading (whited belly) like most wild cats. Alyssa got the character of her dad GC, BWI, NW BangkokCats Forbidden Fantasy, a dream behavior for a Bengal, very cuddly and adorable. She will be our future queen for 2024.


GC, BWI, NW BangkokCats Forbidden Fantasy


Papyrus des Griffes de Feu